About Us

Owner, Michael Strength, and his wife, Michele, who studied at the New York School of Design, work together to combine design ideas into a plan that can fit any size budget and project.


“We both graduated from Fairhope High School, so we have seen the town grow over the years and have a great time helping residents, both old and new, make the most of their homes and stay within their budget,” says Michele. "Our philosophy is 'love where you live, remodel!' We both love Baldwin County. Our business is driven by referral, but we hope this website is helpful to explain who we are and what we are good at providing."

Michael’s dedication to efficiency can be seen in his use of the latest CAD technology to measure your home on the spot, and return a plan for your home within 3 to 4 days. “I find that when someone is ready to remodel, they are ready for a plan right away and this technology is much faster than the old school method of measuring and then taking weeks of client meetings and more drawings,” says Michael. “Finding the best way to increase function and beauty in an existing home is my passion.” I love to see how to make a home not only more practical and efficient, but also amazingly beautiful."

Michael and Michele travel to various home and builder shows to stay on top of the newest and most efficient trends in the home remodeling/construction industry. The ideas and products in 5A's projects are innovative, stylish, and comfortable. Michael uses local talent and vendors to create the beautiful results in 5A projects.